4 Ways To Reduce The Cost Of Your Voice Over IP Solution

Posted on: 15 April 2015

Switching to voice over IP? Voice over IP services from places like CommPro Communication Specialists are usually greatly more affordable than traditional telecom solutions, but there are still even more ways to save. If you're trying to reduce your budget, you have some additional options to explore. 

1. Bundle Your Data and Voice

If you don't have significant needs for your new telephones, you can bundle your data and voice. If you separate data and voice, you need two Internet connectivity lines. If you combine them, you need only one. This can easily half your costs. This is not advisable if you need a lot of bandwidth or if you need a very reliable voice connection, but many companies can make do with a single line.

2. Purchase Refurbished Telephones

Refurbished telephones will operate just as regular telephones and will usually come with the same warranty. The only difference is that these are phones that have usually been returned to and repaired by the manufacturer. Refurbished telephones are usually only a fraction of the amount of a brand new telephone. With business technology, the phones won't be in like new condition for long regardless.

3. Negotiate Long Distance Contracts

Long distance contracts often give a lot of wiggle room when dealing with voice over IP services. In voice over IP, all communications go over the Internet rather than through a telecom switching network. Consequently, they really don't need to have excessive long distance charges. Make sure that your long distance contracts are included within the contracts that you already have and don't be afraid to negotiate for a better deal.

4. Roll In Other Services

Most voice over IP solutions can be programmed to replace other services that you already have. For instance, voice over IP often offers very complex voicemail services, such as the ability to log into your voicemail through the Internet and the ability to get your voicemails transcribed and sent to you in text or as an email. Combine all your services into one for a single affordable option.

Your voice over IP service company will usually be able to give you even more ideas regarding what you can do to save money. Most people switch to voice over IP both for flexibility and due to affordability. Voice over IP businesses are often aware of many methods for more cost-conscious customers and ways to reduce costs while still providing excellent customer service, support and technology. 


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