3 Reasons To Utilize A Professional Security System

Posted on: 2 November 2015

One of the hardest parts about trying to choose a security system is trying to decide between a professional security system and an off-the-shelf model that you can install yourself. Both of these systems can help increase your home's security, but the professional security system has a few advantages over the off-the-shelf model, such as live follow-up, effective placement, and remote access.

Live Follow-Up

The biggest difference between an off-the-shelf security system and a professional system is that the professional system will be monitored by the staff at the company that provided the security system. This is a very big advantage as it means that if one of your alarms goes off, someone at the alarm company will be able to contact the appropriate service to provide assistance. For example, if your security system detects that one of your windows has been broken or that a door was forced open, the staff at the alarm company can contact the police and send them to your home.

The follow-up process is not only confined to help you with a break-in, but it can also provide assistance if your security system detects other types of emergencies. If your system notifies the alarm company that there is a fire or gas leak occurring within your home, the staff can send ambulances and firefighters to help.

Effective Placement

Another reason to utilize a professional security system is to take advantage of the experience of the technicians that will be installing the system. These technicians will know exactly where to place every single piece of equipment in order to cover any weak points in your home's security.

For example, if you have a side yard that is extremely difficult to see from the road due to trees or other obstructions then the installer will know that an intruder will be more likely to target your home from that area. As a result, the installer can proceed to place additional motion sensors, cameras, or lights in that area. 

Remote Access

Finally, a professional security system can allow you to remotely access your home's security and other systems remotely. This is because many security companies will offer you the option to integrate as many systems as possible into their security system. This can be quite convenient for you as it can allow you to remotely access your home to set the thermostat, turn off lights, lock the doors, or even to view the feeds from all of your security cameras.

Speak to a security company today in order to discuss how a professional security system can benefit your home and family. This type of security system can provide you with remote access to multiple systems within your home, components that are installed in the most effective areas possible, and individuals that will be monitoring your system in order to follow up should your security system sound an alarm.

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